Xtreme Game Developers' Xpo: Share Your Passion for Games

Join Course PTR at the Xtreme Game Developers' Xpo (XGDX), October 9-10, 2004, in Mountain View, California, and share your passion for games! If you've attended this show in the past, then you know that XGDX takes gaming to the extreme. Don't miss this opportunity to exchange ideas with other developers, programmers, and designers, and to gather tips from the experts at this premier gaming conference!

XGDX promises to be even better than before. With more sessions and opportunities for you and your peers to gather, interact, share, and learn, this mini game developers' conference and exposition will provide you with an environment guaranteed to produce extraordinary gaming


XGDX 2004 will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California - right in the Silicon Valley! It will be open to the public and targeted toward all levels of Game Developers, from beginner programmers to seasoned professionals. Come join in the fun and enhance your gaming knowledge.

For more information, or to see highlights from last year's XGDX event, please visit http://www.xgdx.com/


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