Grome 2 Editor Released

Grome 2 Released
Professional Grome modeler reaches major version 2

Europe, Bucharest, June 18, 2009 – Quad Software announced today the release of Grome 2 modeling application. Grome is an outdoor modeling editor used by professional game developers and companies from 3D simulation industry.

Based on positive feedback from professional users, the authors extended the Grome editor to a more complete outdoor modeling solution by adding support for water surfaces and vegetation. Current natural terrain generators were enhanced with new tools while processing was optimized by providing 64bit support. Grome customization program was opened to meet specific game studio demands by providing under-contract work for professional game creators.

Commercially available for over 2 years, Grome modeler was used for AAA game titles for latest generation consoles and PC. List of clients include game companies like Ubisoft (used for Blazing Angels 2), Eidos (for Battlestations Pacific), CCP (the Eve Online creators) and StarVault (for Mortal Online MMORPG). Grome is also used by several universities for graphical courses and multimedia projects.

“This major new release of our program, with its new tools, water and vegetation support, proves to be a very powerful development tool in the hands of our professional clients. To meet our clients high demands we are also opening our Grome development program by providing customized editor versions for interested studios“, says Adrian Licuriceanu, Quad Software Technical Director in charge of Grome development.

Using new licensing methods, Grome 2 is available from the company secure online site. Upgrade price discounts are available for current clients.

About Quad Software SRL

Quad Software, privately own company founded in 2000, is specialized in 3D middleware development. Building on experience from single player and massive multiplayer game titles, the company developed an extensible graphical development platform from which Grome is one of the first products to arrive. Past and current clients include game studios like ArenaNet (NCSoft), Ubisoft, Eidos, as well as companies from civil and military avionics and naval simulations and training industry.

Grome is a registered trademark of Quad Software, SRL. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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