SilverLining 3D Clouds and Sky SDK Announces Linux Support, 20% Faster Performance

Sammamish, WA, June 6 2009 - Sundog Software, LLC, has announced Linux support and increased performance for its 3D clouds, sky, and precipitation software library, which may be integrated into DirectX9, DirectX10, and OpenGL-based games and simulations. Version 1.8 of SilverLining(tm) now includes libraries for Linux in addition to Windows, and offers a 20% performance boost for OpenGL developers targeting NVidia-based systems.

"With this release, games and visual simulations can include more clouds in their scenes without impacting framerates," said Frank Kane, CEO of Sundog Software. "We've seen over 300 frames per second on consumer-grade hardware, with scenes of 3D cumulus clouds with physically realistic lighting stretching to the horizon." Version 1.8 of SilverLining obtains this performance boost through the new "bindless graphics" extensions to OpenGL.

With SilverLining's new support for Linux, developers targeting low-cost, high-performance Linux platforms now have access to the same physically-based simulated skies, clouds, stars, and precipitation effects that Windows developers have had access to since 2006.

This release also includes a feature called "infinite cloud layers," which allows simulations to include layers of 3D cumulus clouds that stretch infinitely across the simulation area. This removes the need for developers to populate new areas of clouds as the viewpoint moves or as wind blows the clouds away from the viewpoint.

SilverLining is used by scores of simulation, visualization, and games across the world, including large military simulation companies and commercial XBox titles. Commercial licenses are sold on a per-application basis at the company's website at Evaluation SDK's, demo applications, screenshots, and movies are also available.

About Sundog Software, LLC - Sundog Software, founded in 2006, specializes in real-time rendering of the sky and everything in it. Its product, SilverLining(tm), provides C++ libraries for OpenGL and DirectX developers that simulate the sky for any given time and location, and draws 3D, volumetric clouds in real-time as well as precipitation effects. SilverLining is used widely in the visual simulation and training industry, in architectural visualization, computer and console games, and broadcast video applications.


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