3D Rad v6.35 Now Supports Fluid Dynamics

3D Rad now supports wind, lift and drag forces. Because the new functionality is provided, as usual, in the form of 'objects' you can simply visually associate to your 3d models to enable it, parachutes, wind turbines, car-stabilizing airfoils, realistic wings/sails and many other fluid-dynamics-based systems can be achieved with zero coding.

3D Rad is a user-friendly 3d editor with a straightforward developing workflow and ready-to-use physics simulation. You can use it to create any sort of stand-alone, interactive 3d project for Windows Vista/XP.

Ideal for CG artists and non-coders, but flexible enough to meet the needs of expert developers as well.

A fully featured 30-day trial of 3D Rad can be downloaded at the 3D Rad website.


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