Ca3D-Engine: New version 9.06 released!

Version 9.06 (June 2009) of the Ca3D-Engine has just been released. The Ca3D-Engine is a modern game engine and game development kit with 3D real-time graphics and multi-player network support for Windows and Linux.

The new version introduces a new GUI Editor: A convenient graphical editor for editing GUIs for use in Ca3DE. The resulting GUIs can be used both in 2D (e.g. for the console, player HUD or the main menu) as well as directly in the 3D worlds as game elements. See the GUI Gallery for examples.

Also a new Font Wizard was added to the editing tools that can be used for converting many font files for use in Ca3DE.

Support for physics simulation has been added to the engine core, using the Bullet Physics library! Related enhancements to the Ca3DE "ClipWorld" collision detection and ray tracing code yielded improvements with player movement as well, and make CaLight (for computing Radiosity solutions) up to 30 times faster!

For evaluation, our live demos for Windows and Linux at include the Ca3D-Engine, the 3D World Editor "CaWE", all tools for making new worlds, the source code of the DeathMatch sample game, and all scripts. Even more sample source code for evaluation can be found in the Licensing FAQs at

Find more details about the new Ca3D-Engine version at


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