Simul Weather 1.2 Released

Simul Software have announced that version 1.2 of their award-winning weather software is now available.

Simul Weather allows developers to generate real-time weather effects, including 3D volumetric clouds that grow and change in real time, with minimal CPU and GPU overhead. Already in-use in several major upcoming titles, Simul Weather saves many man-hours of effort for any developer looking to include live time-of-day effects, as well as generating a sky that just looks right.

"Many companies expend a lot of effort on getting their sky looking right," said Roderick Kennedy, head of Simul, "and end up with a compromised solution that uses unnecessary clock cycles. After 3 years' research, our skies are physically correct, look like the real thing, and use a fraction of the system resources that most home-grown solutions do."

New features in version 1.2 include managed fade tables - for physically correct distance-fades that match seamlessly with the sky. Also included, optional threading support to distribute sky calculations over multiple cores.

As ever, Simul Weather includes clear, simple sample programs using DirectX and OpenGL, and drop-in source code for sky and cloud renderers. Available on PC and major console platforms, Simul Weather can be evaluated for free. Contact, or go to for details.

Simul Weather won the 2008 Research and Development IT Award from the British Computer Society.

Simul Software Ltd was founded in Manchester in 2007 by games industry veterans.


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