SecurePlay™ Java™ Gaming Technology Released - Develop Once, Secure Everywhere

March 16, 2004 - Washington, DC – IT GlobalSecure Inc. has released a major new version of its SecurePlay software package for Java™ technology. SecurePlay simplifies multi-player game development and protects network games against cheating. Network and multi-player games are the heart of the next generation of computer games. Stopping cheating is the key to these games becoming successful businesses.

“Our goal is to make security and multi-player game development as simple and secure as it can be”, said Cheryl Campbell, President, IT GlobalSecure, “SecurePlay on Java helps meet that objective by providing a single implementation for platforms ranging from wireless handhelds, to interactive TVs, consoles, and PCs.”

The SecurePlay software makes multi-player, network game development easier through its powerful, intuitive, programming interface. Underneath the hood, SecurePlay implements a suite of cryptographic protocols to stop many kinds of cheating. SecurePlay also provides an open network architecture to work over any communications link.

“Multi-platform and network enabled games are the future of the computer gaming industry,” according to Mr. Chris Melissinos, Chief Gaming Officer of Sun Microsystems, “Java technology and SecurePlay help reduce time to market and improve return on investment for game publishers and game site operators. The combination of the two provides a robust development and security solution.”

SecurePlay™ now includes real-time security support with STROBE. STROBE provides simple and secure development for real-time games. Both time-based and event based games are subject to attack from cheaters. STROBE prevents the manipulation of time and data to ensure quality multi-player network game play. STROBE is the latest addition to the SecurePlay software library that simplifies multi-player game development and secures network game play.

The Network Game Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Computer games have already surpassed movies as a global industry and network gaming is the fastest growing market segment.

IT GlobalSecure develops elegant security technologies and products. The company has delivered advanced IT and IT security products and services to clients worldwide since 2000. IT GlobalSecure and its affiliates hold U.S. and International patents for SecurePlay technology plus additional patents pending in transaction protection, financial security, and access management. Visit for GlobalSecure’s website for SecurePlay products.

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