Spinor unveils new Shark 3D on GDC

Spinor unveils new Shark 3D(tm) on GDC
New version of Shark 3D game engine takes a further step in visual editing and rapid tool customization

Munich, Germany – March 16, 2009 – Spinor, a leading game engine developer, announced today its new version of its Shark 3D game engine. "Shark 3D is breaking new ground in Visual Editing and Rapid Tool Customization", said Folker Schamel, CEO of Spinor.

The new Shark 3D visual Shader editor enables artists to create advanced shaders with ease. Artists can use the power of the underlaying Shark 3D Re-entrant Modular Shader System™ playfully. The node based Shark 3D Shader Editor is not restricted to local techniques like pixel and vertex shaders, but exposes also advanced non-local rendering mechanisms. Artists can use and combine advanced material lighting with soft shadowing, real-time area lighting, mirroring, reflection and refraction, and many other effects. As a result, artists can create realistic scenes or special effects with ease. Internally the tool is based on a modular architecture facilitating the addition of custom rendering features.

The new version of the Shark 3D Game Editor brings easiness into optimizing the production workflow. The Live-Live™ feature of the Shark 3D Game Editor allows programmers and scripters to manipulate and customize the tool interactively.

All tools are based on Live-Editing from the bottom up. Game designers can edit their NPCs, game items, other gameplay and level elements in the game editor, their textures in Photoshop, their animations and geometry in Max or Maya, their shaders in the shader editor, and their game scripts - and see all their changes running live on their PC and on the target console. This makes video and computer game production more efficient and predictable, reducing production times and risks significantly.

For more information about Shark 3D, visit: www.shark3d.com.


About Spinor
Based in Munich, Germany, Spinor develops Shark 3D, a leading engine for video and PC games. Worldwide, more than 25 games have used Shark 3D. One of those games is the award-winning Dreamfall from developer Funcom, which was ranked as the world’s best game of the year 2006 by Gamespy.


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