3D Rad v6.32, Your Games Can Now Be Advertisement Platforms

3D Rad opens up a lot of new possibilities by adding the ability to easily update your game's 3d world run-time, by downloading 3d models and textures from a remote server or a website.

One possible use is updating a texture in your game with some advertisement, either provided by an agency or downloaded from your own website. These ad-units can be linked to a webpage which opens when the in-game ad is clicked or some other action is performed (e.g. a target is hit, a race is won etc).

In-game advertisement is projected to be worth more than 1 billion USD by 2010.

3D Rad is a user-friendly 3d editor with a straightforward developing workflow. You can use it to create any sort of stand-alone, interactive 3d project for Windows Vista/XP. Ideal for CG artists and non-coders, but flexible enough to meet the needs of expert developers as well. A fully featured 30-day trial of 3D Rad can be downloaded at the 3D Rad website.


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