Atari lite-C version 1.7 released

The game creation system lite-C was developed by Conitec in cooperation with Atari, Inc. It is intended for quickly and easily developing graphics or virtual reality applications - such as 2D or 3D casual games - even without previous programming knowledge. Sounds, images, movies, user interfaces, 2D and 3D models, collision detection, rigid body physics, multitasking, and DirectX functions are already a native part of the language. Therefore, a few lines in lite-C achieve results that would require hundreds of source code lines with normal C/C++ compilers.

Atari lite-C version 1.7 adds new model editing tools, improved bitmap functions, improved text functions, model/sprite creation commands, decal shadows, wide screen support, realtime terrain deformation, and many more new engine features and commands. It's free for noncommercial or educational purposes and can be downloaded from


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