Game Developer Contest – Win a Trip to GDC!

Blade3D has launched a new contest that gives amateur to professional game developers a chance to showcase their talent and break into the industry. The community will have an opportunity to put their knowledge and ideas for a great game to the test. Entrants will develop a game on an affordable ($14.95/mo) and accessible platform (no programming needed) for a chance to be flown to San Francisco in March for GDC (air, lodging and pass paid). Not only will their game be showcased on the show floor, but it will have an opportunity to be published via XNA. To enter, simply create a game using Blade3D and submit by February 24th!

Full details for the contest can be viewed here:

A group of ex-Microsoft executives who helped to found the Microsoft Games Division in the early 90’s determined that the XNA Studio was still a bit complex for those of us without a formal education in game programming and design. They created the Blade3D engine, platform and asset marketplace, with the goal of offering an affordable subscription-based service that can be used by amateur hobbyists to indy and professional game developers to create high-quality titles made available through XNA. At its most basic level, a $14.95 per month subscription allows you to create a game in a matter of hours without the need for C# programming (optional) and an opportunity to publish your game on Xbox Live and Windows. Yet, the engine is powerful enough, full-featured, and customizable enough for professional studios to use in creating triple-A titles. There’s no longer a need to invest thousands of dollars in an engine to produce these results. Blade3D is ready to bring game development to the masses.


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