N-Sided launches its solution for avatars creation to Virtual Worlds

Paris, FRANCE – December 22nd 2008 – N-Sided® announces the launch of a new offer based on QUIDAM tools and content, dedicated to the needs for avatars of virtual universes and massively multiplayer online games

“We strongly believe in the development of Virtual Worlds and Massive Multiplayer Online Games. By anticipating the market’s considerable needs, N-Sided has been focusing its work on real-time for years and is now able to claim a leading position by offering a productive and mature solution for avatar creation.” said Pierre Bretagnolle, President of N-Sided.

Now available, the solution dedicated to Virtual Worlds is perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the market:

A complete solution
Production Managers are well aware that dealing separately with the purchase of Tools, the creation of Content and the acquisition of Licenses is a huge waste of time.
That is why N-Sided provides a unique and simple solution with all components.
It is not worth the hassle of counting anymore... you can install all tools on an unlimited number of seats and you are allowed to integrate an unlimited number of avatars in the application!
Moreover N-Sided offers additional development services to the editors who need specific avatar bases or particular tools.

Highly productive tools
QUIDAM includes award-winning technology that dramatically accelerates avatar production.
A unique geometric engine lets you search through large databases of body parts, clothes, props... to compose your model and automatically merges all parts into one seamless model.
The capacity to export multi-resolution models, optimized for real-time animation and 100% compatible with all professional standards is tremendously valuable.

Controlled costs
Fees are determined based on the number of active members of the universe so that the editors pay a faire price, adapted to the effective use of avatars.
A very attractive payment system for all starting projects!

More details about the offer: http://www.n-sided.com/3D/page.php?page=pr...s_licensing_mmo

Known for its high productivity, the 3D character creation software QUIDAM is unique in combining and merging various anatomical elements and clothes into one seamless model. One sole QUIDAM base is capable of creating thousands of unique 3D characters!
QUIDAM's features are totally dedicated to personal creation, offering very natural and intuitive methods to sculpt and paint models.
One of the most differentiating and recognized advantage of QUIDAM is its use in professional work environments. QUIDAM is the only character generator able to perfectly export multiresolution models with meshes, textures, UV maps, bones and skinning to Maya, 3DS MAX, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Carrara, COLLADA, etc. The perfect bridge to fill Virtual Worlds with great avatars!

About N-Sided
N-Sided is a French company founded in 2003 by Pierre Bretagnolle and Sébastien Berthet with the ambitious goal of giving 3D back to the professionals of creation: the artists. QUIDAM is the first step in this direction... the first because other technologies are ready, which promise to open 3D to new creative horizons.
For more information, visit www.n-sided.com.

N-Sided, QUIDAM and n-sided.com are trademarks of N-Sided.


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