Gamestudio v7.6 Released

Gamestudio is the first all-in-the-box game development system, used by over 120,000 artists, hobbyists, programmers or game development companies across the world. Our clients range from kids who use Gamestudio for their first steps into computer programming, to multinational corporations who use the software for creating all sorts of simulations and advertising games.

Gamestudio is for everyone. It offers three levels of access in one single package:

Beginner: Click together games or prototypes from pre-assembled game templates. A simple action game can be built in a few hours this way.
Advanced: Use our tutorial workshops to learn programming, and create commercial quality applications with the easy and effective lite-C programming language. Use the included level and model editors to create the artwork for your game.
Professional: Include Gamestudio's A7 engine into your software using the Source Development Kit and your preferred language like C++ or Delphi. Use Gamestudio's straightforward art pipeline based on the FBX format for creating your levels and models with high-end editors such as MAX™ or MAYA™.

The new version 7.6 contains an improved lightmapper, WiiMote® support, improved multiplayer mode with compression and encryption, isometric views, new Truetype text functions, unlimited textures for shaders and terrains, and many new or improved engine functions. Version 7.6 is 100% compatible to its predecessors. It is available as a free update at


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