Xmas discounts on Unigine: a step closer to indies

Prices for Unigine engine are set to a very affordable level prior to January 31, 2009: e.g. indie developers can get a binary license starting with $4990 (or even just $1985 per month during 3 months). There is also additional 40% discount for full licenses before December 31, 2008. See more on the official Licensing & Prices page.

Unigine wishes developers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Unigine is a cross-platform engine for real-time 3D worlds, which stands on the bleeding edge of the technology. The engine has powerful 3D render, integrated physics, GUI, built-in scripting system, sound module and visual tools. This feature-rich middleware is used in the development of modern games and VR projects.


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