NeoAxis Engine v0.59 and New Featured Projects

NeoAxis Group Ltd released a brand new version of the NeoAxis Engine.

Updates to the NeoAxis 3D engine include:
- Hole support for terrain
- Car Physics from a third party addon
- Pre-loading of resources during map loading
- New and updated demo maps
- More source code access for licensees
- Various bug fixes

New featured projects based on the NeoAxis Engine:

- A nearly released real-time strategy game called Sacraboar. Sacraboar is a real-time capture-the-flag strategy game. Release planned to Q1 2009.

- A new student adventure and investigation game called Stunford.

- A non-game project for warehouse stock visualization from Accellos. Accellos is a global provider of warehouse management, 3PL, logistics, transportation and mobile fleet management solutions.

Full changelog:
Featured projects:


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