HTS Games Releases The HTS Game Engine

Marstons Mills, MA, March 22, 2004 — Prototype and build your 2d games in record time using the HTS Game Engine. HTS Games is making available its own 2d game engine. Available at, the engine is free for evaluation.

The engine includes these features:

GUI and Widget Set (Dialogs, Buttons, Custom Controls, etc)

GUI Event Dispatching (Key Pressed/Released, MouseMove, MouseEnter, etc)

Sound Mixing (wav, ogg, etc.)

SFont Support

Asset Management with Asset Cache

Pack Files, Timers, Logging

And Much More

HTS Games built the Award Winning "Puzzle Me This" using the HTS Game Engine. "Using the HTS Game Engine developers and designers can quickly prototype game ideas, then carry them through to final product. In fact, the prototype for 'Puzzle Me This' was completed in less than one day" said Bert Rosell, owner of HTS Games.

A source license for the HTS Game Engine is available for only 30USD per developer. Visual C++ 6.0 project files are included.


Bert Rosell

HTS Games


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