Genetica 3.0 Has Been Released

Spiral Graphics Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Genetica 3.0, the latest version of its popular seamless texture, animation, and HDRI environment map editor. The new version, which includes more than a thousand royalty-free presets, represents the largest upgrade yet in the product's history. A demo is available here.

Artists can now quickly add doors, windows, graffiti, symbols, and other unique details to their textures thanks to a new set of drawing tools, which have been specifically designed with the needs of texture artists in mind. Not only will drawings be automatically seamless, but artists will be able to apply sophisticated effects to their designs including reflections, refractions, environmental lighting, and more.

The new version includes an HDRI environment map editor that can generate unique environment maps as well as manipulate existing ones in a variety of ways. Game designers will appreciate the various effects that can be baked directly into an environment map, including diffusion and light scattering effects.

The Studio edition, newly added to the product lineup, brings animation capability to Genetica. Animations can be made to loop, as well as be seamless, without effort on the part of designers. Among the preset animations included in Genetica 3.0 Studio are various types of water, fire, energy effects, and exotic video transitions.

A video demonstration of the new features is available here.

Spiral Graphics Inc. is a software development firm focused on creating innovative software tools for the computer graphics community.


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