Torque Network Library Previewed at GDC

Great game networking has never been easier. The Torque Network Library (TNL) is a robust, secure, easy to use cross-platform C++ networking API intended for integration into high performance simulations and games.

Designed to be easily integrated into existing products, its features include:

  • Robust connection architecture
  • Bit-level compression for optimal bandwidth utilization
  • Simple and efficient event and RPC (remote procedure call) framework
  • Documentation, tutorials and example code, and full library source code
  • Multiple levels of data guarantee
  • Server Object replication (ghosting) and management
  • Extensible master server framework

"In less than an hour you can have a minimal TNL implementation up and running in your game or network product," explains Mark Frohnmayer, GarageGames Founder and Director of Internal Development. "Within weeks you can take advantage of all the advanced features of the TNL, allowing your simulation to support more clients while using less bandwidth per client than any other solution on the market."

Those who attend GDC are invited to come by the nVIDIA booth and get the insider track on how TNL can be integrated into your game. The planned launch date is April 9th 2004.

About Torque Network Library:
The network architecture in TNL has powered some of the best internet multiplayer action games, including Vivendi´s Award-Winning Starsiege: TRIBES and Tribes 2 products, as well as independently produced titles including Bravetree´s ThinkTanks, 21-6 Production´s Orbz, and the upcoming fast action mecha title Dark Horizons: Lore from Max Gaming.


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