NeoAxis Engine Releases Updates

NeoAxis Group Ltd has been released next update of its an modern 3D game engine.

The new user-friendly site makes it easy to find all necessary information about the NeoAxis game engine. The site contains enhanced descriptions of the NeoAxis game engine, its features and our support options. Have a closer look on the new lists of featured projects and 3rd party add-ons to learn more about the capabilities of this engine.

Updates of the NeoAxis Engine 0.58:
- Smooth depth shadows
- Support for convex hulls (makes modelling easier and gives game developers more options)
- Much better artwork for TankDemo and RTSDemo
- Support for swizzled DXT5 normal maps
- Increased performance
- Bug fixes

The NeoAxis Engine is a framework for game development and 3D visualization. Its unique approach, including a uniform entity system, makes even huge game projects easy to manage. The engine's architecture allows to divide complex solutions into independent modules that can be re-used in other projects without additional coding.

With the all-in-one toolbox for managing entities and resources, developers can focus on creating game logic and art rather than coding tons of routines.

To find more about NeoAxis Engine go to
Full changelog:

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