GarageGames to Preview Torque Shader Engine at GDC

GarageGames announced today its line up for GDC where they will be previewing the Torque Shader Engine in the nVIDIA booth #808.

Torque Shader Engine (TSE) is built on the robust AAA Torque Game Engine technology with improvements to the interior and exterior rendering engines, improved terrain rendering and additional functionality including:

  • An API independent graphics layer currently supporting DirectX 9, but designed with forthcoming OpenGL support in mind.
  • Procedural generation of shaders that support: Dynamic lighting, bumpmapping, detail maps, specular, cubemapping, glow, refraction, reflection and texture UV animation.
  • Versatile vertex buffer and texture management, with support for static, dynamic and volatile vertex buffers.
  • New lighting system.
  • Powerful shader interface allowing easy integration of custom shaders and effects.

"We’re excited to be giving those coming by the nVIDIA booth at GDC a sneak peak at this as we get closer to launching our Early Adopter program for TGE owners," comments Jay Moore, Evangelist for GarageGames.

There is dual license for TSE planned with an ‘indie’license for $295 and a commercial license for $995 available. GarageGames will launch a special early adopter 1 version for $150 available only to the licensed owners of the Torque Game Engine 1.2.


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