Noesis Interactive Expands the award winning Mod Your World™ Product Line to Include Machinima Production

Part one of a new two part series guides new age filmmakers through the process of producing cutting edge Machinima within the Source® engine

Santa Cruz, CA. (October 3rd, 2008) — Noesis Interactive™ today announced the immediate availability of ”Source Machinima Choreography”, its first machinima oriented training module, presented by acclaimed machinima director Ross Scott. Scott humorously guides users to direct a full range of digital characters and create elaborate in-game sequences featuring their digital cast. All Noesis training modules can be purchased on DVD or digital download via the Noesis Interactive website and through partners such as the Valve store and IGN’s Direct2Drive.

“Machinima is an amazing medium that allows individuals to create movies that wouldn't be possible with conventional methods,” says Ross Scott, director of the popular machinima series ‘Civil Protection’. “It's a hybrid medium that has a lot of future potential.”
“Machinima is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers and hobbyists alike. It allows gamers to continue where developers left off and affords directors a new, low cost production medium,” said Casey Noland, CEO of Noesis Interactive. “We’re very excited to have Ross Scott, a pioneer in this emerging arena, lead our viewers.”

Noesis Interactive is developing the Mod Your World™ DVD series to put all gamers on the fast track to designing, building, and integrating 3D characters, props and maps into their favorite games – beginning with Half Life 2. Working with industry leaders Valve, Softimage, and Autodesk, Noesis is delivering DVDs designed by video gamers that dissects and streamlines the entire process into easy-to-understand lessons.

The current Mod Your World™ lineup includes: Advanced Source Level Design, 3D Content Creation (XSI), Character Design & Integration with Half-Life®2 (XSI, Max, or Maya), Custom Props & Animation for Source® Powered Games (XSI or Maya), Advanced Character Animation (XSI), and Source Machinima Choreography.

Pricing and Availability
3D Content Creation with XSI and Character Design & Integration with Half-Life 2 are available at a price of $39.95 each. Custom Props & Animation for Source™ Powered Games, Advanced Character Design, Source Machinima Choreography, and Advanced Level Design are available at a price of $49.95 each. All products can be downloaded directly from or and are available via DVD directly from the Valve store.

About Noesis Interactive
Noesis Interactive is the premier developer of training materials for game modders and indie-developers, multi-disciplinary artists within fields such as: game design, programming, 3D and 2D art, machinima, UI design and web development. Noesis actively works to prepare it’s user base for industry careers or independent production and is dedicated to improving gaming related education worldwide, both within academic institutions and through online educational content distribution. Noesis Interactive is based in the California San Francisco Bay Area, just minutes from Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit

About Ross Scott
Ross Scott is a film and game enthusiast. He became interested in Machinima in 2006, seeing it as a way to create movies with minimal resources. His most popular creation has been "Civil Protection", a comedy series about police officers in the science-fiction environment portrayed in the game "Half-Life 2". He has extensive experience creating machinima in the Source engine and lends his wry wit to each project he encounters, talents exemplified in the creation of "Galaxy Gulp". Ross currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. You can visit his website online at


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