ASSIMP - the Open Asset Import library - first public release

The Open Asset Import library, ASSIMP in short, has reached beta development state. Assimp is a C++ library which loads game-relevant 3D scene data from various file formats and returns it in a common in-memory structure. The library also offers several post processing steps commonly used in realtime 3D rendering which can be applied to the imported data.

Assimp is aimed at game developers looking for a way to read 3d models and scenes from various sources into their game/engine. The supported data includes scene hierarchy with transformations, (triangular) meshes, materials, bones, bone animations and textures. The library itsself is platform-independent (Win/Mac/Linux, 32Bit or 64Bit) and has next to no dependencies, with Boost being the only exception. A C++ and a plain C interface is provided, Java and C# bindings are in the works. At the moment, Assimp supports the following file formats: .3ds, .ase, .obj, (*.ms3d), *.ply, (.dxf), .nff, (.lwo), .smd, .vta, .mdl, .md2, .md3, .md5, .mdc, .mdr, .x, .mdl, .hmp

Along with the library a viewer application was developed to test the library. It can also be used as a stand-alone viewer to quickly examine the contents of a file, although at the moment on Windows/DirectX only.

Assimp is an Open Source project released under a liberal BSD-like license. Both the full package for developers and the stand-alone viewer package are available at sourceforge. This release is mainly for testing purposes, so please give it a try if it sounds useful to you! If you want to give feedback or contribute to the further development of the library, please leave a comment here or post at the sourceforge project forum. Any feedback is highly appreciated!


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.