PyroGine SDK Beta 2.0 Released

Jarrod Davis Software is please announce the latest beta release of PyroGine SDK, an advanced 2D game application framework for PC's running Microsoft Windows and Direct3D with 3D hardware. It is made with and usable from the Delphi programming language from CodeGear. PGSDK is feature complete and can easily create any type of 2D game with D3D for rendering. It was designed to be easy to use, robust and feature rich and should be easy to use in your projects. It is suitable for making 2D games and graphic simulations. There is a complete set up of classes which give you a solid foundation and you can then can build on top of this layer to any level of complexity that is required for your project.

* Added plugin support (think MODs, extensions, addons) (PyroPlugin).
* Added support for inter process communication (PyroIPC)
* Added a flexible starfield simulation effect class (PyroStarfield).
* Added RenderTiled method to TPyroImage class to add support for tiling large images across the viewport (PyroGraphics).
* Changed TPyroConfigFile class to be able to work with native string types (PyroResources).
* Added light weight test case framework for simple feature testing (PyroTestCase).
* Added a persistence framework system (PyroPersistence).
* Added support for posting/listing (threading also) high score data to a MySQL database (PyroDatabase).
* Added support for connecting to local/remote MySQL databases and with the options of threaded connection/query (PyroDatabase).
* FontStudio 4.1 is now being distributed with the SDK.
* Added support for the Unicode font editor FontStudio 4.1 (PyroFonts).
* Added support for custom fonts (PyroFonts).
* Rebuild the SDK to use ECOM (extendability component object model). Doing this allows the whole SDK to be classed based. Now you can use all the classes from the SDK in the normal fashion. You can even extend them on the client side and the SDK will continue to use these extended classes.

* Developed in/for Delphi 2009.
* Based on ECOM developed by JDS (Extendable Component Object Model). With ECOM you are able to extend high level classes exported from a standard Win32 DLL.
* Uses Direct3D 9 for hardware 2D rendering.
* 32 bit surfaces and textures.
* Free scaling, rotation, alpha blending and other special effects.
* Windowed and full screen modes.
* Frame based timing support.
* INI file configuration support with config file variables.
* Configuration file variable support.
* Unified Streaming system (memory, file, EXE resources, zip archive).
* Can render to default application window or to a specified window handle.
* Advanced render target and swap chain support.
* Textured fonts (includes a new Unicode font editor tool and support for custom fonts).
* Graphics primitives (lines, circles, rects, points).
* Advanced polygon rendering (scale, rotate, control line segment visibility).
* Support for rendering large images (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 for example).
* Advanced sprite management.
* Polypoint collision system for fast precise collision detection.
* Mouse and keyboard input management.
* Unified audio system with support for WAV | MP3 | MID| OGG | MOD | IT | S3M | XM music formats.
* Comprehensive math routines (vectors, angles, line intersection, clipping).
* Log file support.
* Scripting system with full debugging support (modified version of Lua 5).
* SQL database support (MySQL | SQLite).
* Actors, Entities and AI classes.
* Networking (UDP, SMTP, HTTP, network object streaming).
* Plugin support (MODs, extensions, addons).
* Object persistence framework.
* Inter process communication support.
* Test Case framework for rapid prototyping.
* High level game framework for quickly building your game application.
* Application class helper to make interfacing with VCL more intuitive.
* Basic UI features (startup dialog, text menu).
* low-level system and common routines (dynamic dll management, directory, exe modification).
* Rich high-level framework for OOP game development, robust and full featured.


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