Signature Devices, Inc. Launches Open Source Video Game Development Engine

Elemental Engine II is a full open source game engine capable of editing and creating 3D video game worlds in real time. Elemental Engine II covers all video game development features, such as 3D rendering, 3D audio, and graphical user interface (GUI) design. The Engine contains built-in networking capabilities including multiplayer online games with tournaments and statistics that integrate into the website. It also features artificial intelligence using hierarchal state machines and LUA scripting. Elemental Engine II is fully capable of working with next generation consoles and includes LUA scripting, particle system, and is backed by a full physics system. There is also a fully functioning world editor complete with source code.

Support for the Elemental Engine II is through a community-based system at and source is available at To obtain access it is required to register at as a developer and the registration is free.

"Signature Devices has naturally felt that we needed to give back to the game development community. The Elemental Engine II received an overwhelmingly positive response at this year's Game Developers Conference and we believe it will become very popular among industry insiders," stated Kenneth Hurley, CEO of Signature Devices, Inc. and Graffiti Entertainment, Inc.


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