Spinor Releases Shark 3D v5.3

Spinor announces the release of Shark 3D v5.3 for consoles and PC. Compared to the v5.2 version, the v5.3 version contains many dozen new features and enhancements in various areas:

- Various enhancements of the tool pipeline. For example, the handling of game item templates is even more expressive: Teach the level editor or your custom tools to assemble complex game items with few lines of Python code.

- Various useful new high-level run-time components. E.g. we added new camera management components for various purposes, new features for controlling character animations, and enhanced sensor trigger features, which all make game development with Shark 3D even easier.

- Various low-level optimizations. E.g. we have completely rewritten our low-level memory management, especially optimized for consoles.

Shark 3D also includes various enhancements of its live editing and rendering features Shark 3D.


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