Gamestudio v7.10 Released

Gamestudio/A7, the easy all-in-the-box game development system, announces the release of version 7.10. The new version contains tons of new engine functions and features, among them:

- A decal manager. Decals are small images can be 'stamped' in real time on positions of wall, ground, or model surfaces. They are used for special effects such as bullet holes, scorch marks, footprints, ground shadows and so on. The A7 decal system can generate a virtually unlimited number of decals that move and animate together with the objects they are attached to.

- An FBX Level Importer. Levels can be created in 3D content editors such as MAX or MAYA, and imported as a whole into Gamestudio. Static geometry and model instances are automatically detected by the importer.

- A new light mapper. The light mapper was completely rewritten and now generates much faster better looking lights and shadows with radiosity support.

Gamestudio version 7.10 is available as a free update at


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