Trinigy Puts on Seven-League Boots With “Vision 7”

Trinigy puts on Seven-League Boots with “Vision 7”
Release of Vision Engine 7 marks major technological step – Further international partnerships announced

Eningen/Germany, Austin/USA, July 1st, 2008: Trinigy, a leading provider of 3D Game Engines with offices in Germany and Austin, TX today announced the release of “Vision Engine 7”. As the company exposed, the next generation of its widely adopted middleware solution marks a very significant technological step in the firm’s history.

After intensive research and development several modules of the Vision Engine have been replaced by a new generation of technology. At the core of Vision 7 is a completely revised geometry pipeline that offers extremely fast and memory-efficient rendering of vast, highly detailed scenarios. The new system has been designed from scratch for optimal performance on PC, Xbox360™ and Playstation®3. Furthermore, Vision’s fully-fledged WYSIWYG scene editor vForge has been enhanced with a convenient Prefab system, improved instancing, better script debugging functionality and a new terrain editor.

In addition to this, Vision 7.0 provides many additional innovations and new features. For instance, support for the Bullet physics engine has been added to Vision 7 as well as an optional gratuitous audio solution and further middleware bindings. With the help of advanced platform-specific and multi-threading optimisations, Trinigy managed to further increase the impressive performance of the Vision Engine across all platforms.

“Vision 7.0 marks an important milestone in the Vision Engine’s history”, points out Dag Frommhold, Managing Partner at Trinigy. “Vision Engine 7 is truly setting new standards in terms of cross-platform performance and flexible, efficient game development”.

About Trinigy

Trinigy is an independent company focusing on the development of advanced 3D graphics technology with its headquarters based in Southern Germany and offices in Austin, TX (USA). In the field of 3D game engines, Trinigy is one of the world's leading companies.

Vision Engine

Trinigy’s cutting-edge Vision Game Engine forms the basis of numerous game titles, helping game creators to bring more immersive graphics onto the screen while at the same time drastically reducing development time and effort. Well-known game companies like Firefly, Take 2, Neowiz, Zed Group, dtp Entertainment und Spellbound use Vision for developing their games. More than 75 titles for PC, Xbox360 and Playstation®3 all over the world are based on the Vision Engine - ranging from Action, FPS and Sports over RTS and RPG titles to MMO games.


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