Awakening 3.0 Beta Released

What's new in Awakening 3.0?

*DotProduct3 Lighting
DotProduct3 can do really per-pixel lighting without pixel shader.

*Parallax Mapping
Parallax Mapping can produce a stunningly real three-dimensional appearance on flat surfaces, without the intensive tessellation computations and extreme polygon counts required for true displacement mapping.

Fur is important in animal rendering.

Compellent cloth simulation include gravity & wind calculating, primary collision detection.

*Cubic Environment Mapping
Environment mapping is a technique that simulates highly reflective surfaces without using ray tracing. Cube map are textures that contain image data representing the scene surrounding an object.

*Render To Texture
Render To Texture let you render scene to a texture, then reuse the texture for complex rendering like water, reflection, etc.

*Atmosphere Rendering
Realtime photo-realistic atmospheric lighting simulation with low hardware requirements (can runs on Geforce 256).

*Post Processing
You can do realtime image processing for rendered picture of 3d scene.

*Transform Gizmo

*Viewport Grid

*Improved Command Script API
New classes and enhanced functions.

*Improved Terragen Terrain Files Importer
Adjusted texture coordinates importing.


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