DevLib 1.0 Released

DevLib is a GPL-licensed object-oriented framework written in pure C++. It is designed to make multimedia productions (games, screen-savers, demos..) easier and more intuitive to write. Consequences are a complete abstraction of resources management (fonts, images, 3D meshes, files, zip-archives, sounds..) and rendering operations through 3D hardware.

At this time, DevLib features:

  • DevCpp and VC7 compatibility!
  • Image : Read/Write PNG/JPG/TGA/BMP formats
  • RenderSystem : complete support for DirectX/OpenGL APIs
  • SoundSystem : Play MP3/OGG/WAV/XM/MOD..
  • XML : Read/Write, DOM-based
  • Fonts management : TrueType/Bitmap formats
  • Mesh : Read/Write MSH/X formats
  • Resource : Read/Write Local/ZipArchive
  • Video : Play MPG formats

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