Ca3DE 8.03 Released

A new version of the Ca3D-Engine has just been released at the project website at The Ca3D-Engine is a modern game engine and game development kit with 3D real-time graphics and multi-player network support for Windows and Linux.

The latest enhancements include support for map scripting (based on the Lua programming language), new clipping and collision detection code, many enhancements to the Ca3DE World Editor "CaWE", much improved in-game console handling and configuration, and many other enhancements.

Full details about the new release are available at

1. What is the Ca3D-Engine?

Ca3DE is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine and game development kit.

It can be used to create a variety of 3D applications, including games, simulations, and training and architectural software. The development kit is freely available, and the DeathMatch MOD code is open-source.

Its main features include

+ high-quality, real-time 3D graphics,
+ a very powerful and flexible material system,
+ cross-platform and cross-compiler portability,
+ multi-player network support,
+ physically correct lighting (radiosity based),
+ dynamic per-pixel lighting and shadows,
+ 3D sound effects, skeleton based model rendering,
+ very large terrain rendering,
+ scripting-language support,
+ freely available developer kit and MOD source code,
+ and easy extensibility by code and scripts.

For a more detailed feature list please refer to

2. New features in this release

Introduction of map scripting: Ca3DE used the Lua programming language for its scripting support before (e.g. as definition language of its 2D and 3D (world/entity) GUIs, in the console interpreter, etc.), now Lua is also employed for defining the entity classes of a game and especially for scripting the entities that exist in the game maps. The connection to the C++ code is well defined and easy to extend, so that game developers and mappers have easy-to-use and powerful options available to customize their maps.

Revision of the clipping and collision detection code: While in earlier versions of Ca3DE the collision detection computations were burdened on the same code that actually manages the graphics and rendering of a world, the two concepts have now been cleanly separated: Clipping and collision detection have their own world representation that can respond to its task in a lot more suitable manner than the graphics code. This also facilitates the implementation of trigger entities, doors, lifts, and similar objects, and thus works hand-in-hand with the new map scripting support.

The Ca3DE World Editor "CaWE" has undergone many enhancements, and is now easier to use than ever before: it works out-of-the-box now (no complicated manual setup required any more), the surface editing code has been entirely rewritten, the documentation has much been enhanced (including new flash tutorials for beginners!), Bezier patches can be edited more easily, any many other improvements.

Other improvements include the in-game command console, support for the new MS Visual C++ 9 (2008) compiler, C++ code design enhancements and smoother animation of NPC game entities.

3. Further information and contact

For further and more detailed information about the Ca3D-Engine, please visit the official website at

The website has a detailed feature list, many high-res screen-shots and of course a download page where the latest demo and game development kit are available.

If you have questions, problems or comments, you're heartily invited to join the Ca3DE discussion forums or the IRC channel, see for the details.


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