Yuzoz Launches Software Platform to Outer Space

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, (February 19, 2008) - By downloading a snippet of code at the Yuzoz developer platform (api.yuzoz.com), users now have all they need to develop direct connections to outer space for games, widgets, and other applications where randomness applies, the company announced today.

Yuzoz is a unique space-themed entertainment company that delivers access to the randomness of outer space through its proprietary Outer Space Random Number Generator. The new site includes the company's APIs and detailed documentation. "You don't have to spend a personal fortune to get to space," jokes Jeffrey Manber, president of Yuzoz in making the announcement. "Our website gives users a simple method to tap into space data to create a generation of products directly based on the live link to astronomical events taking place in the solar system." The applications are limited only by the users imagination. Current uses include:

- Educational games
- Lucky numbers
- Flash widgets
- Lighting and Design
- Conceptual Art
- Digital Advertising and Contests

Yuzoz employs proprietary software to capture scientific satellite data from live astronomical events such as solar flares, northern lights, the winds of space, to turn it into data that is streamed downloaded to the Yuzoz Mission Control and into the Yuzoz Generator-1, where the company's proprietary algorithms are used to generate a string of random data. The data stream has been certified as random by Technical Systems Testing (TST), a leading independent testing organization. 75,000 users already are tapping data from the sun and beyond The current Yuzoz platform (www.yuzoz.com) has already been used over 75,000 times since its launch in May of 2007, highlighting a continued fascination with the first ever branded decision-maker to be powered by extraterrestrial phenomena.

About Yuzoz

Yuzoz is a unique space-themed entertainment company based in Brighton, England and Alexandria, Virginia. Its Yuzoz Generator-1 is the first and only random number generator to capture and use data from scientific satellites to create a certified stream of random numbers for a variety of entertainment and artistic applications. Yuzoz recently announced that it has reached an agreement to locate its U.S.-based Mission Control Center in New Mexico, adjacent to the planned Spaceport facility.


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