FileCarver 1.4.2 Released

Fizzysoft has released version 1.4.2 of FileCarver, a powerful developer tool for editing binary files. This program allows the user to specify the format of an arbitrary binary file, and from this it will generate a fully-functional GUI to edit files in the format. Using this program for creating editors for game-specific binary files is a huge productivity boost, as creating a fully-fledged file editor is as easy as making a short XML definition of a file format.

What's new:

Added new field type, 'block'
Some memory use improvements
Array length changes now fire an 'onupdate' event
Improved speed of accessing JS array elements by index
Reloading definitions will keep the previous selection
Improved reliability of JavaScript-based array row names
Fixed undo/redo bug with certain types of array elements
Corrected a bug with list options for fixed integer fields
Fixed spacing for the ascii-int text field control


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