MysticGD Releases EMotion FX v3.6, Enabling More Detailed In-game Characters

Rotterdam, Netherlands - January 22nd, 2008 - MysticGD, a leader in real-time character animation middleware, today announced the release of its latest version of EMotion FX, the real-time character animation and model export system.

EMotion FX v3.6 provides intuitive and efficient tools for artists, increasing runtime performance and pushing greater detail to game audiences. EMotion FX v3.6 also showcases a powerful level of detail (LOD) system that allows the developer to tune their model skeletons for optimum runtime performance, while giving artists a workflow pipeline in which they can quickly setup complete in-game characters.

"This new SDK adds exciting new features that are in high demand among game artists and animators. EMotion FX’s tools have been redesigned to make them more intuitive and efficient to accommodate the needs of artists," said John van der Burg, Development Director of MysticGD. "EMotion FX v3.6 is the first of an ongoing campaign of SDK and Tools updates we are making. "

Features in this new SDK product include:

• A new Level of Detail (LOD) system which includes a new Skeletal LOD system that allows the artist to remove things like finger bones for characters that are very small on screen. Also the introduction of Motion LOD leads to significant performance improvements. This feature will simplify animations at runtime, based on a maximum visual error specified by the user.

• A new Geometry LOD system that allows artists to either specify LOD levels for given meshes manually, or let them be generated automatically.

• A ground up rewrite of all documentation included within the SDK, including the addition of a sample browser to easily navigate through the 44 different API examples.

• Improved memory management, making EMotion FX more efficient on consoles.

To see more about EMotion FX v3.6, please visit the product website to view movies demonstrating some of the most important features. You can find EMotion FX at

About MysticGD
Founded in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1999, MysticGD is a pioneer in real-time character animation products used by leading game developers such as EA Mythic, Ubisoft, Sony Online, Tilted Mill, Webzen, SimBin, Nexon Corporation, IMC Games, Piranha Bytes, EGN Co., and DragonFly GF Co. For more information visit MysticGD is a trade name of EMotion FX B.V.

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