Simul CloudWright Sky Tool Released

Manchester, England - January 19th 2008 - Simul announces version 1 of CloudWright, our high-dynamic range procedural sky generation software, at a special launch price of $30 until the end of January. CloudWright is a technology for creating stunningly realistic skies for game backgrounds. CloudWright uses the physics of light to create high-dynamic range, 360-degree panoramic skies.

* physically correct time-of-day sky coloring
* 3D volumetric clouds
* anisotropic haze and fog
* Cumulus, stratus and cumulonimbus cloud coverage
* interactive rendering
* cloud rendering to .hdr images, .jpeg, transparent .tga and .dds cubemaps
* combined or separate sky gradient rendering to .jpeg, .hdr and .tga

The CloudWright standalone tool is available now at a special introductory price of $30 US until the end of January. Coming soon: the renderer-independent Simul Clouds C++ SDK

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