Wandering Monster Studios launches libRocket, Game User Interface Authoring Tool

Wandering Monster Studios has released libRocket, a middleware tool for C++ game developers that simplifies the construction of user interfaces.

libRocket lets game developers design interface screens with the commonly known languages HTML and CSS. This provides separation of content from visual representation, allowing style changes to propagate easily across the entire game interface.

“No longer will elements have to be manually positioned and wrapped with clumsy resizing code.” said Lloyd Weehuizen, Director of Wandering Monster Studios, “Historically, a disproportionate amount of development time is spent on the interface and we hope libRocket will help alleviate that problem. We've bent over backwards to open it up for extensibility and customisation, and have included the full source code to the user controls.”

libRocket is available for Windows PC, Intel Mac and Linux. For more information, or a free trial version, visit the website at http://www.librocket.com.


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