Pyrogine2D API v2.0.0

We are happy to announce the release of Pyrogine2D 2.0. It's a pure
rendering API suitable for making 2D games and graphic simulations. There are numerous exported routines which give you a solid low-level foundation for making any type of 2D game. You can build on top of this layer to any level of complexity that is required for your project.

The API includes support for surfaces, textures, sprites, audio, streams, archives, INI files, configuration variables, render targets, swap chains, scripting and much more. In addition to the low-level, to the metal access, there exist a thin high level framework unit that includes classes such as TP2DObject, TP2DObjectList, TP2DActor, TP2DActorList, TP2DEntity and TP2DGame that will give you enough high level support over the API to make it easy to get started with your projects in an object oriented way.

This release includes a source code license options. Our standard practice is providing affordable high quality development solutions. You can use P2DAPI free of charge in any of your freeware projects. If you use P2DAPI in any way to make money then you need to purchase a Registered Developer License from our website which entitles you to the full source code of the Pyrogine2D DLL and updates for a 12 month period.

Pyrogine2D™ API v2.0.0 (3.16 Mb)


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