Cg 2.0 Released by NVIDIA

New in the release includes:
- New OpenGL profiles (gp4vp, gp4gp, and gp4fp) for GeForce 8 extensions.
- New DirectX 10-class features including geometry shaders, bindable constant buffers for uniforms, texture arrays, first-class integer support and more.
- Support for Apple's new "Leopard" release of Mac OS X 10.5
- New DirectX 9 profiles (hlslv and hlslf) to cross-translate Cg to HLSL.
- Documentation updates, including Cg Standard Library and standard CgFX states.
- New examples demonstrating texture-space bump mapping setup via a geometry shaders, shadow volume generation via a geometry shader, bindable constant buffers, and more.
- Improved compiler code generation.
- Runtime performance improvements.
- Compatibility with Cg 1.5.


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