Apricot Project Starts!

Finally it starts! The Apricot team has been selected and is ready to make a smashing game using Crystal Space and Blender.

Apricot is a joint effort between Crystal Space and Blender to create a fully open game with professional quality. All data and code will be published and can be used in other projects (Creative Commons license). In order to make the high level of quality possible that we are aiming for in this game we will have to work hard on Crystal Space for new features like a better animation system and a better renderer.

In order to support this Apricot project (and support Crystal Space!) you can pre-order the DVD. This DVD will contain material like the game for Linux, Windows, and MacOS/X. All sources. All artwork and also the original sources used to make this artwork. And also documentation, tutorials and video material. This pre-order is very important for us as it gives us the needed funds to make sure the project can go for six months. You can get more information and pre-order information at the Apricot Blog.

Thanks for your support!


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.