PathEngine Announces SDK Release 5.13, New Licensees

Lyon, France – December 5th 2007 – PathEngine announces release 5.13.00 of the PathEngine pathfinding and agent movement SDK, with improvements to our 3D content process and some important optimisations. We're also pleased to announce licensing to MASA Group, for 'SWORD Critical Infrastructure', to 4A Games, for 'Metro 2033: The Last Refuge' and to GAMEHI Inc.

Key features of this release are:

* Memory optimisations for both mesh loading and collision preprocess generation.
* (Some very significant reductions, in particular, for meshes with lots of external edge detail.)

* Performance improvements for pathfinding against dynamic obstacles.

* 3D content processing improvements:
* An important improvement in the way small steep result fragment are handled, with the step height parameter now being applied to these fragments in addition to exactly vertical faces.
* Fixes for various issues with application of the tiled 3D processing, in particular with respect to application to terrain source data.

* The possibility to make builds that do not include the 2D content processing functionality, for reduced run-time code footprint.

And there are also a number of important bug fixes.

For a full list of all changes please refer to the SDK changelog.

About PathEngine

PathEngine was founded in 2000 to provide a solution to some fundamental issues in intelligent agent movement based on hard industry experience.

Our SDK is built around an advanced implementation of points-of-visibility pathfinding on three-dimensional ground meshes. The approach taken enables us to provide both pathfinding and collision in tight integration against a single, sophisticated, agent movement model, with agent shape taken into account, with seamless support for overlapping geometry, and with dynamic obstacles directly integrated into the core movement model.

The PathEngine SDK features in the genre-breaking MMORPG 'Granado Espada' (by IMC Games) (released in the west as 'Sword of the New World'), 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy' (by Dimps Corporation), 'Titan Quest' (by Ironlore Entertainment), 'Pirates of the Burning Sea' (by Flying Lab Games) and many other triple-A titles.
For a more complete list of our clients please see:

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