SlimDX November Released

I'm happy to announce that SlimDX (click here to go directly to the downloads page) has officially released its November 07 binaries and samples package. (Skip down a couple paragraphs if you want to know what this is all about.) This is the first major release since our initial launch in August. The new version brings massive updates, improvements, and bug fixes. We also have a number of new samples, and a short tutorial set ported over from the DX SDK as well.
Some of the big new bits of news from this release:

* Extensive improvements to the math library.
* Major improvements to mesh functionality, as well as support for mesh animation.
* Access to the internal COM pointers of all objects, and the ability to construct most objects from user provided pointers.
* Support for ATI R2VB.
* Major improvements to Direct3D 10 support.
* Extensive work on DirectInput.
Read the full release notes for more information.

Okay, now then, for those of you who aren't familiar with what we're doing: After the death of MDX 2.0 and the emergence of XNA, it became clear that MS was taking managed graphics and game development in a very specific direction, and it wasn't a direction everybody was interested in following. We weren't particularly interested in sticking to the dying MDX 1.1 API either. The full case is laid out on this page, if you're curious.

SlimDX is a very simplistic wrapper over DirectX that cleans up the DirectX APIs and adapts them to .NET, without attempting to add features to the underlying API. It's an open source project using the MIT/X11 license, an extremely unrestrictive source code license that essentially places no restrictions on use except that credit be given where credit is due. The practical upshot is that anyone is free to add to the library or modify it for their own needs, without being obligated to provide us with anything in return. Now that the November DX SDK has dispensed with MDX almost entirely, retaining only the very basic necessities, we are working hard to make SlimDX a viable alternative -- and indeed, a major improvement -- over the now rather undesirable MDX library.


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