IndieZen Announces Diamond Sponsorship for IMGDC 2.0

New York, NY - Oct. 16, 2007 - IndieZen, the company creating an integrated game development environment and community for independent game developers, today announced its sponsorship of the Indie MMO Game Developers Conference for 2008.

IndieZen is committed to making game development, content creation and virtual world construction easier and more accessible by the mainstream public.

In addition, the company also announced that the MMO middleware that it has been developing for the past two years will be distributed under an open source license.

"Royalty free open source software, open standards and the use of an advanced service oriented architecture will help Indie MMO game developers get to market faster and improve their bottom line," said Tony Richards, senior architect of the IndieZen Game Studio. "Virtual worlds are quickly becoming the next big internet revolution and we want this to be something that can be made available to everyone."

For more information see the full press release.


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