Irrlicht 1.4 Beta Released

We just released the first beta version of Irrlicht 1.4. Basically, this is revision 1012 from the subversion server, with precompiled binaries, examples and documentation. Irrlicht 1.4 will have the first major (breaking) API changes as we are moving towards a better engine, so we are releasing this beta for all people to try it out and to help us to improve it until the stable release. Irrlicht 1.4beta already features a lot of new things such as

* A rewritten unified skeletal animation system with some more sophisticated long awaited features such as manual joint animation.
* Irrlicht's own file format: .irrmesh, for static meshes.
* Mesh writing support: Write collada, .stl and .irrmesh files. Irrlicht now can also read .stl files and be used to convert any file it can read into these file formats.
* Enhanced Particle System reintegrated from the irrSpintz fork
* Improved GUI: Keyboard control support (tab, shift etc), SpinBox,
* PointSprite support
* Improved collada, .obj, .my3d and loaders
* Tons of bug fixes and other feature enhancements

Thanks to all people helping out, and especially to all members of the Irrlicht Team. Happy downloading, and please be aware that this release is beta only.


Commenting will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to create a discussion topic on the forums.