Trian3D Builder 1.3 Released

TrianGraphics proudly announces the release of the new version 1.3 of Trian3D Builder.
The database generation system generates huge 3D terrains for OpenSceneGraph and OpenFlight image generators. The new version contains many new features as well as workflow and performance improvements. Use the new WYSIWYG functionality to obtain immediate feedback on any changes. You may create and edit vector and height data in 2D and 3D. More informations can be found at the product webpage.

The new features are demonstrated in videos on TrianGraphics' website .

About TrianGraphics GmbH
TrianGraphics is focusing on all aspects of virtual terrain generation. Their novel database generation system Trian3D Builder is used to generate high-quality geospecific and geotypic landscapes. TrianGraphics' technical know-how in software development combined with design and modelling experiences help them to achieve optimal results for their customers.

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