Fizzysoft Releases FileCarver v1.3

Fizzysoft has released version 1.3 of FileCarver, a powerful developer tool for editing binary files. This program allows the user to specify the format of an arbitrary binary file, and from this it will generate a fully-functional GUI to edit files in the format. Using this program for creating editors for game-specific binary files is a huge productivity boost, as creating a fully-fledged file editor is as easy as making a short XML definition of a file format.

What's new:

- Support for custom "onupdate" JavaScript events on fields
- Calculated fields that are not read from or written to the file
- New "Revert to Saved" menu item
- Reloading file format definitions while FileCarver is running
- Array row names that get evaluated from JavaScript
- Added the display="spinner" attribute for integer fields
- Added the display="horizontal" attribute for field groups
- Added calculated field type 'color'
- Added environment variable for definitions directory location
- Added environment variable for default save and open location
- Now packaged as .exe on Windows and .app on Mac OS X
- Numerous bug fixes as well as additional validation


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