Truevision3D Announces Open Prerelease of TV3D 6.5

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, SEPTEMBER 3, 2007 – Truevision3D LLC, leaders in the development of low cost, high performance 3D development middleware today announced the open prerelease of the much anticipated version 6.5 of the TV3D SDK. With this release current testers and existing customers of Truevision3D are no longer bound by the NDA, and may begin releasing the numerous projects they have created. This release also allows the entire Truevision3D Community to participate in the final stage of testing while the release SDK is completed.

“This release has been a long time coming,” said John Hart, Project Manager for Truevision3D “We finally felt that the core code was stable, and we wanted to give the entire community a chance to help test during the final stages, so an open prerelease was our best option. This allows us to finish up the documentation, tutorials, and samples while the community puts the release through the wringer.”

The TV3D SDK is a full featured next generation 3D development SDK. With full support for C++, C#, Delphi, VB6, VB.Net and features such as a full shader based render pipeline, physics support, GPGPU, and built in special effects the TV3D SDK contains everything you need to create the next big 3D game or application. This release contains all of the language SDK’s, tools, template projects, plugins, and getting started guides you will need, additional support will be made available via the Truevision3D Community.

The TV3D SDK is available for $150.00 for a Single Product License and $500.00 for a Multi-Product License direct from the Truevision3D website and covers the entire 6.x product line.

About Truevision3D
Truevision3D is dedicated to providing easy to use, yet powerful development solutions for all areas of independent development. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan Truevision3D changed the market in 1999 when it released its first multi-language 3D SDK at a base price of $150.00. Since then the company’s products have been used by major automobile makers, scientific institutions, colleges, and independent studios worldwide. Truevision3D can be found on the web at


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