DX Studio Version 2.1 Released

Pinewood Studios based software developers Worldweaver Ltd. have just released a new version of their 3D engine and editing suite DX Studio.

Version 2.1 has been visually enhanced with a new “black” interface to match the latest Vista look and feel. Compatibility has been extended with the ability to import FBX models, which can be exported from a range of modellers including Maya and Lightwave. Other additions include a new automated 3D sound system, image based buttons that can be added without the need for script, new drop-down lists and the ability to use your own normal maps.

“The primary focus for this release was to make DX Studio even more user friendly. We keep a close eye on what our customers are using DX Studio for and then look at ways to make such tasks quicker and easier,” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling.

Licenses are available in both freeware (with basic features) and standard editions (from £50) and can be downloaded from the website at www.dxstudio.com.


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