Georgia Game Makers Bring SIEGE to Atlanta

“Computer and video games sell from $10 to $13 billion a year in the United States, and the South is becoming a more important part of this industry,” said Clinton Lowe, chairman of the GGDA and CEO of C. Allen Lowe and Associates. “More and more schools offer game design programs, and graduates of these programs are finding work here, instead of having to leave for California.”

SIEGE’s speakers include leading figures from a wide spectrum of the industry, including leading artists, programmers, designers, writers, teachers and business executives. Other speakers include government figures, experts on computer game violence and social issues, and more.

The convention also includes a number of special events. Among these are game design tournaments, game playing tournaments, a job fair party, and a student fair for high school students and others looking for colleges.

“SIEGE does an excellent job of attracting a wide variety of attendees,” said Andrew Greenberg, SIEGE director as well as a partner at Holistic Design, Inc., an Atlanta-based computer game company. “The strong array of presenters and events means that there is a lot for everyone to do. Industry leaders share their insights with fellow professionals, students come looking for schools and employers, companies come looking for employees, and so on.

The event has attracted a variety of sponsors, including Georgia’s Film, Video and Music office, universities, colleges, and game design companies. Sessions include classes on the latest software, game design techniques, business issues, starting a new company, and more.


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