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Phoenix Game Protection™ Systems (PGPS) is the most advanced static/real-time protection system for your game available today. Phoenix's static game protection is simple: Your entire game folder with your custom media is first zipped with a 36 character (alpha-symbol-numeric) passcode. It is then locked with 1024bit encryption with 3 different types of encryption in layers. All "salted and hashed".

When your game is running, Phoenix protects your game files by extracting them using our FolderHop™ technology. Your files are never extracted to the same folder twice. In-Game, your customer/player has access to Task Manager, most ALL third-party commercial applications to include Windows Messenger, AIM, etc. The only limitation on your customer is that they do not try to browse file folders during game play.

Phoenix also has sentry applications running in the background that protects all Phoenix applications from being "killed" without cleaning up the system first. The protection methods are designed to be very lenient on computer usage while being tremendously strict against attempts to gain access to your media.

In addition to our static/real-time protection methods, you're additionally protected against piracy with our optional Online Registration system. (Pro Editions and up)

I think once you see how easy and powerful the online registration system is, you'll realize that it is unique in our indy world, easy to use and pretty much crazy NOT to use it. The online registration system is so good, we use it ourselves for Phoenix registrations. The whole process is automatic. You generate keys for your game and copy/paste them into your database on our secure web application. You then sell your game and give out one of the keys. When your customer registers with the key, it is automatically flagged by the online software and cannot be used again. There is absolutely no interaction between the game buyer and the developer. A new feature to be implemented is Notifications. When your game buyer registers the game, you will get an email notification and optionally, they may get an email of thanks, tips/tricks, or whatever you want to make your indie game more professional.

The developer can go into their online account and un-register keys, retire them from service, mark them as abused or remove them from the database. If someone gets hold of a good key that has been flagged as one of the above, the game registration system acts accordingly with corresponding info messages. Keys flagged for abuse automatically cause the game to exit, while keys flagged as "This key has already been registered" simply prompt the user to try again.

No computer software protection is 100% bulletproof, it is impossible unless you have physical access to each computer. Phoenix Game Protection is as close to perfect as you'll ever get.

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