Unity 2.0 Coming This Summer

The team behind Unity has been hard at work for over two years, and is now proud to announce the upcoming release of Unity 2.0, and to showcase a small selection of the 50 amazing new features. The new features are all to make your games look better on more platforms, run faster, and easier to make.

"With Unity 2.0 we are completely leaving any other 3D browser technology behind in the dust." says CEO David Helgason. "Unity 2.0 will be a daydream-inducing and wish-fullfilling release."

Unity 2.0 will be released this summer. Get up to speed now with Unity 1.6.2 and you'll receive a free upgrade to 2.0 when it's ready. Any Unity 1.x purchase made after May 16th is automatically eligible for free upgrade.

Feature preview: http://unity3d.com/whatsnew-2.0.html

Unity provides the best physics simulation engine (PhysX by Ageia), graphics and rendering effects on par with the newest games on the market, an extremely fast implementations of JavaScript (20x faster than other implementations), flexible and fast character animation support, and totally dynamic game worlds where every single object and texture is modifiable on the fly.

Unity is the ultimate in supporting art packages. Almost every single application is supported, ranging from 3D modeling to image and audio tools. Unity has support for Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Cheetah3D, Blender, Modo, and more.

Tutorials, videos and examples, thorough documentation and reference manual, and a great friendly community help make Unity a joy to get into.

Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game development tool sporting a stylish pro-app GUI, no-friction workflow and over-the-top technical features such as extensible shaders and image effects, dazzling particles, JIT compiling scripts in C#, JavaScript or a dialect of Python, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation, and ragdolls.

Unity is being used by game developers such as Codemasters and Freeverse, in game design education, and amongst creative visualization professionals.

Homepage: http://unity3d.com
Contact: david@unity3d.com


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