DX Studio Version 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 includes a full 3D model editor so users can now create their own interactive applications from scratch. Other key additions include a new lighting engine, post-processing effects, per pixel bump/opacity/specular map support, and COLLADA open model format. The package also now encourages “Web 2.0” collaboration as users can connect into the DX Studio online library to share models, materials, and script with others.

“DX Studio has always been good for the final development stage of interactive 3D applications. Now it’s the only package in the world to support the complete application development process in a single integrated editor,” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling.

Licenses are available in both freeware (with basic features) and standard editions (from £50) and can be downloaded from the website at http://www.dxstudio.com.


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